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  • Jacqueline Floyd

Let the Tailgating begin!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

College football has officially kicked off!

The gates opened early with what we have grown accustomed to as “Week 0”. This is a week in which not many games are played but gives us fans the right amount of football tease that’ll bring you to your knees.

Vandy puts up a 97-yard kickoff return in the first quarter to set the tone in their season opener against Hawaii. Meanwhile, USC Trojans Freshman Zachariah Branch records a 96-yard kickoff return in his debut against San Jose State. However, just as the season started, unfortunately, so did the injuries.

Ohio Bobocat’s Star Quarterback Kurtis Rourke goes down hard in the midst of being sacked, as the clock winds down the final seconds of the first quarter. Rourke completed 8-of-10 passes for 75 yards before going down. This was Rourke’s first start for the Bobcats since returning from a recent ACL tear that occurred last November. We almost have to ask was this return too soon for a non-conference bout against San Diego State?

It's been reported he was not hit in the same leg as his previous injury and Rourke apparently wanted to return to gameplay. This game was not going to affect the team's rankings in any way. However, this game very well may have affected Rourke’s personal rankings in trying to advance his career to the next level, be it the CFL or NFL. The question “Is this player injury-prone?” may start to circulate.

Rourke has been reported as the CFL’s 2024 top prospect and has been considered a serious candidate for the NFL Draft as well. We certainly can understand Coach Albin’s move to proceed with caution and protect this young man’s future.

Your star QB going down in the season opener is definitely not how they wanted to kick off the season. Let’s all pray that Rourke has a successful and speedy recovery. This has been one exciting season opener. I know college fans are thrilled to see what’s in store for the coming weeks.

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