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NFL Midseason Awards and Betting Odds

Week 9 is amongst us, and it seems like quite literally yesterday training camp reports were coming out. The season is heating up, which is the perfect time to look at the current award predictions and odds according to Las Vegas sportsbooks.

MVP: A surprising favorite at the top of the board in Tua Tagovailoa. He is currently 4/1 or +400, which means Vegas thinks he wins the award 25% of the time to conclude the season. The other favorites are, in order, Philly passer Jalen Hurts odds are +450, Patrick Mahomes is +450, while Lamar Jackson rounds up the pack at 6/1 or +600.

If you believe the Eagles will beat Dallas this weekend. I would definitely snag him at +450, as he will most likely plummet in odds after an impactful performance/win vs Dallas. This race is tight and most likely could come down to the last regular season game. I personally would grab either Josh Allen 13/1 or Joe Burrow 18/1. Both of their teams are Super Bowl contenders, however, they have not hit their stride yet. If either one of them can get hot down the stretch and pull off 5-6 wins in a row while playing well, they could easily win. The pair meet in Prime Time this Sunday Night, so whoever wins will instantly have their odds dropped the next day.

I like Allen more; he has much better stats to this point in the season. Statistically, he has less catching up to do than Burrow and I believe they win this weekend, which will drop his odds!

Ultimately, the top-tier quarterbacks have had all their value extracted. Tua could tumble towards a concussion, Patrick Mahomes could miss a couple of games with some ankle or lower leg injury (which always seems to happen), and Lamar could turn inconsistent as he still has tough divisional games ahead. Lastly, Allen’s preseason odds were 7/1 and I believe we are getting him at a discount! Snag Allen and meet me at the ATM!

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