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Opening Action Fireworks: RX Bridge vs Outta Townerz Recap

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The Brick League’s season opener was dramatic as Rx Bridge and Outta Townerz showcased changes of pace, clutch shots and clutch free throws, as well as an improbable comeback which took overtime to decide. From tipoff, both teams displayed tremendous endurance with fast pace and shots early in each possession. However, the pace predictably slowed down as each team preserved its energy for a dramatic ending. Still, momentum swings were critical in the first half as RX Bridge initially led 16-5 before Outta Townerz stormed back to take a 35-33 lead at halftime. Tension remained on the scoreboard as neither team led by more than eight points for the rest of the game despite key performances from each team.

For RX Bridge, Courtney Pilgrim hit nearly every shot in the first half but most importantly kept his team in the game in the second half. After Keenan Lowe of Outta Townerz nailed a three-point shot to extend his team’s lead to 61-54, Pilgrim completed an and-one to cut his team’s deficit to four points with five minutes remaining. Shortly after, Hason Cook of Outta Townerz knocked down a three to extend his team’s lead to 64-59 before Pilgrim returned to the line to sink both free throws and cut the lead to three. With less than a minute remaining, Lowe hit two free throws to extend Outta Townerz’s lead to 73-68, only for Jaedyn Carter of RX Bridge to cut the lead to two with a timely three-point shot with 15 seconds left. After RX Bridge intentionally fouled Cook, he made both free throws to extend the lead to 75-71.

After rushing the ball up the court, RX Bridge missed several shots but continued gathering its own rebounds until 1.4 seconds remained when Carter hit another three-point shot and cut Outta Townerz’s lead to 75-74. Compelled to foul again, RX Bridge faced the prospects of defeat where it sent Outta Townerz’s Jalen Robertson to the free-throw line where he missed the first of two free throws. However, the most dramatic moment occurred when Robertson intentionally missed the second free throw in an attempt to cause the clock to expire. Incredibly, this strategy backfired as Nate Miller of RX Bridge grabbed the rebound and drew a foul call, sending him to the free-throw line with a chance to win the game. Miller made the first to tie the game 75-75 but missed the second which sent the game to overtime. Nevertheless, RX Bridge harnessed this improbable momentum into overtime and outscored Outta Townerz 8-1 to win the league’s opening game 83-76.

Ultimately, these teams displayed high intensity while rising to the occasion with big shots throughout the game. In the Brick League’s opening act, both teams gave fans plenty of reasons to enjoy these next two weeks in basketball’s return to Columbus.

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