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Outta Townerz Prove to be Silver Lining’s Kryptonite Again

The number one seeded Silver Lining team entered the Final Four monday night with only one loss on their resume. That loss came last week to the Outta Townerz team, their opponent once again on Monday night. Unfortunately for the Silver Lining squad, the result was eerily similar to last weeks as they lost 87-72. Tonight’s game never felt in doubt as the Outta Townerz jumped up 12 early in the game and never looked back.

The Outta Townerz were the last team in the entire league to chalk up a win as it took all the way until their third game to break-through in a do or die game against the then undefeated Silver Lining team. Much like that previous game, we were treated to the Khaleal McCormick and Keenen Lowe show. From the opening tip onwards, we saw McCormick dominate on the score sheet. Last week in the matchup he tallied 27 points in an electric performance to keep the team alive. Tonight, he managed to one-up himself in this Final Four matchup. He scored 37 points and added another six rebounds in a passionate effort. Keenen Lowe added his own 13 points, four rebounds and five assist performance and arguably the best duo in the tournament got a great game out of Andrei Williamson as he added 16 points with eight boards in support. This team was searching for their identity for the first few games of this tournament but McCormick and Lowe took full command of the reigns the past five nights and led the team to three straight wins to reach the finals. Unless RX Bridge can find a way to slow down the insane pace Lowe and McCormick are playing with, we might be looking at a very short championship series.

Silver Lining’s stars Tykiem Moss, Justin Holloway and Joel Jackson added 19, 18 and 16 points respectively in their team’s final game of the campaign, but it was nowhere near enough to topple the now white-hot Outta Townerz’ backcourt.

This championship best-of-three series comes with a few fun additional storylines as the seemingly dominant favorites both went down without too much of a fight in the Final Four, leaving the three and the four seeds set eager to duke it out. The most interesting storyline going into game one, however, comes from Outta Townerz’ first matchup with RX Bridge. The entire Outta Townerz team was disgusted with a foul call in the final second of the opening game of this year’s B.R.I.C.K. Tournament. They watched as their victory was snatched away and they weren’t able to put the call behind them as RX Bridge dominated the short overtime. It will be fun to see how these two teams fare in the rematch as the are both coming off dynamic offensive performances.

Catch game 1 of the B.R.I.C.K. League Championship series and our special pregame show Wednesday evening at 7:45 P.M. on

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