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  • Jacqueline Floyd

Sanders for Heisman

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Editor's note - Through no fault of the writer's own, the article was clipped prematurely, here is the article in its entirety.

The Heisman Trophy is one of the most prestigious awards in college football, annually honoring the most outstanding player in the NCAA.

Shedeur Sanders, the talented quarterback who started his college career at Jackson State University, and is now a vital member of the Colorado Buffaloes has captured the attention of football fans and experts alike with his remarkable skills on the field.

In this article, we will dive into the possibility of Shedeur Sanders

becoming a Heisman winner, taking into consideration his talent, performance, and the historical context of Heisman winners.

Shedeur Sanders possesses the qualities that make him a legitimate Heisman contender. He has demonstrated exceptional arm strength, accuracy, and football IQ throughout his college career. His ability to read defenses, make quick decisions, and execute precise throws sets him apart as a top-tier quarterback prospect.

To assess the probability of Shedeur Sanders winning the Heisman Trophy, we must closely examine his performance thus far with the Buffs. Sanders has already shown great promise this season. He currently led the Buffs to a successful season kickoff as they stand second in the Pac-12 Conference with a record of 2-0. Sanders has displayed impressive statistics while securing victories.

The Heisman is often awarded to the top players on teams from Power 5

conferences, where the competition is generally considered tougher. This could be a potential obstacle for Sanders. Traditionally, Heisman winners tend to be quarterbacks or running backs who put up exceptional numbers and lead their teams to successful seasons. Additionally, players from prestigious programs and conferences often have an advantage in Heisman voting due to greater visibility and media attention. Sanders' remarkable talent and charisma have already started to attract

media attention, which could work in his favor.

Several factors could influence Shedeur Sanders' chances of winning the Heisman Trophy. Sanders must continue to put up impressive statistics and lead his team to key victories. Having a standout season with remarkable passing yards, touchdowns, and overall impact on the game will certainly boost his candidacy. Consistency in performance throughout the season is crucial.

One or two standout games may not be enough to secure the Heisman. Sanders needs to perform at a high level consistently as Heisman voters often favor players who contribute to their team's overall success. A championship run or a strong showing in the playoffs could significantly enhance Sanders' chances as well. Sanders needs to maintain and build on the media attention he has acquired. A charismatic and engaging personality can capture the hearts of both fans and voters, making a strong case for the Heisman.

Sanders' journey to Heisman is an exciting story to follow, and fans of college football will be eagerly watching his progress. As he continues to develop as a player and gain more experience, his chances of winning the Heisman Trophy can only increase.

Ultimately, only time will tell if Shedeur Sanders will join the elite group of Heisman winners. His talent and potential make him a compelling candidate for the award.

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