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UFC 246 Main Event

On a card full of mostly submission finishes, the main event of UFC 246 stood out in more ways than one. The McGregor-Cerrone fight build up was rather an interesting one for the fans to see what kind of behavior we would see from “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. Coming off three straight defeats, two in the octagon via submission to rivals Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz, and a TKO loss in the ring to arguably the greatest boxer of all time in Flour Mayweather. The former featherweight and lightweight champion will be taking on future Hall OF Famer Donald ”Cowboy” Cerrone in a welterweight bout.

Donald Cerrone is a seasoned veteran that should never be taken lightly. His outstanding résumé and UFC records speak for itself to be a worthy challenger for his advisory. Cerrone is on his quest to achieve the one thing his astonishing career is severely lacking: A UFC championship. A fighter with the most head kick victories, most finishes in UFC history, and the most victories inside the UFC octagon, certainly deserves the respect of not only fans but his opponents as well. And Conor, the sports most brash, flashy, trash talking, savant that he is, just wasn’t that for this fight.

Conor remained extremely humble beyond belief, and showed Cerrone the upmost respect leading up to the fight. He seemed to be at a completely different mindset. He looked in excellent shape, didn’t drink alcohol during training camp, looked natural at 170lbs. But we were in for a spectacular outing for this fight. Cerrone being the warrior that he is, said in the pre-fight press conference that he wanted the fight to be a stand up slugfest for the fans to enjoy. As “Mystic Mac” predicted a KO.

Main event time at the the T-Mobile Arena, we see Cowboy come out his usual focus, determined look of grit ready to take on his foe for the biggest win of his career. The crowd roars for McGregor coming out to Hypnotize by The Notorious BIG befitting McGregor’s nickname. The noticeable difference in this entrance for McGregor was he looked more about business than ever before. No smoke in the octagon, no Vince McMahon walk. Pure focus for the former featherweight and lightweight champion.

As the fight begins, Conor comes straight out the gate with his signature left cross that Cowboy dodges but into his opponent’s knee. They immediately engage in a clinch, where McGregor, interestingly enough, uses his left shoulder as as weapon to cause damage to Cowboy. Cowboy bleeding from the exchange already, the two break out of the clinch where they have a couple of shots at each other. Cerrone attempts his patent right leg kick to try to deter McGregor’s offense was blocked. And instantly, McGregor lands a left head kick of his own landing on Cowboy’s jaw, stunning Cowboy. McGregor smelling blood in the water, storms at his opponent with vicious left hands as Cerrone is one the ground. Conor mixing in his shots and Cerrone trying his best to defend himself, referee Herb Dean has seen enough. The crowd erupts as “The Notorious” Conor McGregor is triumphant in just 40 seconds of the very 1st round.

After the fight, Conor sounding very grateful and happy to be back, also called out those who have been sending him taunts while he was away. He also showed a lot of compassion for his defeated counterpart. The respect remained between both fighters as even Cowboy’s grandmother came to embrace both combatants after their battle. Cerrone, even in defeat, refuses to give up fighting, telling the fans he will be back, extending his MMA career at 36 years of age. Now we wonder, what’s next for the victor? His rematches with Khabib, Mayweather or Diaz? Or will he step in the octagon with new challengers Jorge Masvidal and Kamara Usman? All exciting fights to be booked and seen. What a welcome back for “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.


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