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Who's Who?

As we approach week 12 of the 13-week college football schedule, currently there are 7 undefeated teams remaining in the pursuit of perfection: Georgia Bulldogs, Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan Wolverines, Florida State Seminoles, Washington Huskies, James Madison Dukes, and the Liberty Flames. The conversation has now shifted to the three “Who’s” of college football. Who will make a bowl game? Who will earn the Heisman trophy? And, who will compete for the College Football National Championship Title? I think it’s safe to say the answer to all of these questions lies within the programs named above.

While excitement peaks in over these topics, let’s take a moment to congratulate each program for making it this far untouched by its opponent.

The Georgia Bulldogs have remained undefeated through 26 consecutive games, their last recorded loss was to Alabama in the 2021 SEC title game. Bulldog fans may look for a bit of payback as Georgia and Alabama appear to have aligned themselves for another SEC showdown title bout.

The Buckeyes and Wolverines fans hold their breath in anticipation as we slowly approach their rival match-up known as “The Game” scheduled for November 25th. Michigan and Ohio State are two of the most successful teams in college football and their rivalry has continued strong throughout the years. The teams are currently setting the stage for the fourth undefeated head-to-head brawl between the two programs.

Florida State looks to finish their season undefeated having Florida Gators remaining on their schedule. The last undefeated season for the Seminoles resulted in a 2013 BCS National Championship Title, finishing the season 14-0.

The Washington Huskies have gone through the trenches all season, overcoming contenders such as Oregon and USC. Huskies fans hope for smooth sailing in the coming weeks as bowl games begin.

James Madison’s last undefeated season was recorded in 1975 and the Liberty Flames are currently making school history having their first undefeated season. Each of these teams has expectations of a bowl game invitation.

The Colorado Buffaloes, a team that has possibly canceled their 2023 bowl dreams. The season started strong undoubtedly however, things took an ugly turn once their key two-way star player Travis Hunter took a late overlooked dirty hit and suffered a lacerated liver injury in the game against Colorado State. This injury took away the Buffs' defensive motivational leader and main wide receiver option for the offense, ultimately disrupting the program's mojo.

The team began falling apart after Oregon exposed the Buffs’ feeble offensive line, sending their star quarterback Shedeur Sanders running for his life on nearly every snap. After Oregon’s dismantling blueprint, the Colorado Buffs quickly went from the team to watch to the team to beat. The remaining teams on their schedule all followed suit in blitzing the quarterback.

With little to no offense being produced game after game the defense grew weary and penalties began to play a major part in the team's downfall as well.

The season can still be counted as a successful season for coach Prime with all things considered, new coach and new players their record still topped last year’s record.

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