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  • Trey Modlin

Shorthanded RxBridge Dominates to Force Winner-Take-All

Down 0-1 in this best-of-three series and down two key players, RxBridge faced elimination against Outta Townerz and its three-headed monster. A blowout seemed inevitable, but no one could have predicted by who.

Rambo Dyer got the start for RxBridge and asserted his presence early, scoring his team’s first six points with two steals and two thunderous dunks. Meanwhile, Cody Ballard and Andy Bosley led the charge in the first half with eleven points each. Matters worsened for Outta Townerz as less than two minutes in Hason Cook left the game with a nosebleed after taking a hard foul. During that stretch RX Bridge forced two Outta Townerz timeouts less than a minute apart with an 11-0 run, and then staged a separate 10-2 run for a 34-14 lead. Cook returned with four straight points, but Outta Townerz trailed at halftime 48-25.

RxBridge continued its surge in the second half, surpassing last game’s 63 points with 12 minutes remaining. Jaedyn Carter and Nate Miller each led RxBridge with eight points in the half while Cody Ballard scored seven. RxBridge led by as many as 26 points in the game, and as few as 15 in the second half.

For Outta Townerz, Andre Williamson led with 17 points and 9 rebounds while Keenen Lowe scored all 15 of his points in the second half with seven rebounds for the game. However, Khaleal McCormick, who averaged nearly 36 points per game and earned Mojo Sports Gear Player of the Game during his team’s three-game winning streak, has scored just 12 points in each game of this series. On the other hand, he gathered eight rebounds and helped Outta Townerz outperform RxBridge at the free throw line, 90% to 66%.

Still, RxBridge outrebounded Outta Townerz 23-17 in the first half and 37-32 for the game. Nate Miller collected 13 of them to go with his 13 points to earn Mojo Sports Gear Player of the Game.

Both teams have been counted out in this tournament, but have thrived with extra motivation. It is only appropriate that this series, which was originally set for one game, comes down to Game 3. Stay tuned because the Brick League will crown a champion tomorrow - tip-off at 1:15.

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