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Super Bowl Betting Preview: Props & Game

Super Bowl Betting Recap & 2025 Super Bowl Odds

Mahomes Magical Comebacks:

Valentine's Day is here, which inevitably means the 2024 NFL season has concluded. After a thrilling overtime victory, the Chiefs became the 9th team to win back-to-back Super Bowl Champions. After trailing 10-3 at halftime, the Chiefs outscored the Niners in the 2nd half by 10 points.

This was Mahomes' third Super Bowl victory trailing by 10+ points at one point during the game.

On the other hand, this was Kyle Shannahan's third loss in the Super Bowl while leading by 10+ points (Falcons vs Patriots up 28-3, Niners vs Chiefs up 20-10 in 2020 SB, Niners vs Chiefs 10-0). This will be interesting to see if Shannahan can surpass this mental barrier during his coaching career.

Niners Players “Confused” on Rules

Admittingly after their Super Bowl overtime failure, multiple Niners fans admitted they were unclear on the Super Bowl overtime rules. The Super Bowl overtime rules state each team gets one possession. The Niners elected to receive the ball first. Some are questioning this decision as they could’ve received second and strategized their possession based on the Chiefs results.

I believe the Niners should have received first. Based on the momentum KC had offensively, and not even considering how exhausted the Niner's defense was, it was an easy decision to take the ball first. Mahomes ended the game with an 11-play drive to go to OT, so why in the world would you put your defense back on the field two minutes later? This will be a controversial topic around the media and Niners organization the entire off-season, however, I believe the Niners made the right decision.

2025 Super Bowl Futures Market:

Thanks to legal sports betting. Action for the 2025 Super Bowl was released minutes after the conclusion of Super Bowl 58.

Super Bowl 59 Odds:

Niners +550

Chiefs +650

Ravens +900

Bills +1000

Lions +1200

Bengals +1300

Dolphins +1700

Eagles +2000, Packers +2000, Cowboys +2000

Texans +2200

Jets +2500

I like longer shots and hope they can get to divisional rounds or further (always cash out or hedging opportunities). Call me a Browns homer, but I love their roster at +3500. 33% of their payroll was on IR last season, and they still made the playoffs! I also love the Jets defense paired with Rodgers at +2500. Going into last season they kicked off the season at +1200, so we are getting double the odds with the same team. I would not bet the Niners after another postseason collapse. The Cowboys at +2000 is a good value bet. We would need them to run the table in the regular season, so they had home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Ultimately, I could realistically see 10-12 teams winning the Super Bowl, so I will not be wagering anything until after the draft and free agency period!

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